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New native help, please

Hi, all.
Over the weekend, I brought back a green sunfish, a pumpkinseed, and a
bluegill for my new native tank.  I've got a couple questions/problems...

1.  The green one has a few worm-like doodads hanging from his dorsal and
caudal fins.
I guessed they were anchor worms & put in some Jungle external parasite
remover.  This stuff looks to me to be mostly salt.  This morning, the
freeloaders were slightly crumpled.  The treatment says it usually only
takes one dose.  Anyone have any tips on combatting these parasites?

2.  How does one go about acclimating these fish to pellet/store foods?
So far, they've taken mealworms and earthworms eagerly.  Feeding tips also


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