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Tennessee River fish

I have been on the lurking on the list about a week now. I have been
thinking about keeping native fish for some time and just stumbled on the
list. Sounded like a place to get my questions answered.

BTW I am like someone else posted trying to decide between killies and
natives too.

Anyway I have toyed with the idea of setting up a tank that had fish native
or at least that inhabit the Tennessee river system for some time. Since I
live on the river the idea of collecting and raising them is really
appealing. I would love to set up a 100+ gallon in the den and be able to
show my guests what lives in my backyard. I have searched the Web in vain
trying to find a list of fish that inhabit the river. I have found some by
searching an Audubon  book of fish. I know that there are a lot of different
fish in different watersheds that feed the river. Is there a book or source
on the web that I can get more info from?

Jeff <*\\><
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