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Re: Blackbanded sunnies....

On Sun, 7 Jun 1998 12:03:23 -0600 Jim_Williams at usgs_gov (Jim Williams)
>     Robert,
>     Sounds like an interesting project.  If it does succeed I think 
>     would be a great opportunity to stress the point of not releasing 
>     these to the wild.  Many people think that if a fish is native to 
>     U.S. and even more narrowly to the state of Florida that it is 
>okay to 
>     release it anywhere within the state.  Of course we know this is 
>     true but it's a message that we need to get out to everyone.
>     Jim

I agree this program is not designed as a restocki9ng program so it has
non of the constraints a restocking program should have....Most likley
most of the young will be sent out to the pet trade via the NFC or
destroyed depending on GFFC rulings......The most important thing is
people want to know can it be done with the species and a life history
will be published because of it....Then at a future date if needed the
info is there for a more serious project if needed.