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NFC membership


The Native Fish Conservancy (NFC) was formed to operate as a non-
partisan, nonprofit, tax-exempt organization for the advancement 
of educational and scientific programs and initiatives concerning 
native fishes.  The NFC seeks funding from public and private 
sources and will responsibly distribute those funds to special 
projects that enhance public awareness, education, conservation 
and research concerning native fish species.  The NFC respects 
owners of private property and their rights.  The NFC seeks to 
establish cooperative projects with landowners that preserve 
property rights while supporting the implementation of greater 
conservation objectives.  The NFC will seek partnerships with 
government and private agencies to facilitate stream restoration 
and waterways cleanup.  The NFC supports domestic propagation of 
endangered, threatened and special concern species while comply
ing with all local, state and federal laws, rules and regula
tions.  The NFC supports recreational collecting, rearing and 
breeding of common native fishes.  The NFC encourages involvement 
from the greater public in regards to native fish and conserva
tion related issues.  Membership in the NFC will be open to all 
individuals concerned with the conservation, sport fishing, 
aquarium study, keeping, collecting or general welfare of native 

*  Bimonthly newsletter, the FLIER, contains information on NFC 
activities, conservation projects, research studies, environmen
tal issues; and also reports on membership activities involving 
collecting, breeding, and rearing native fishes.  

*  NFC grants program is available to all members for research, 
restoration, or any project benefiting or expanding our knowledge 
of native fishes.  This can include any project from a captive 
propagation study to land purchases which will protect aquatic 

*  NFC Website <members.xoom.com/nativefishes/> contains a large 
database of articles on native fishes and serves as an excellent 
source of information to both researchers and aquarists.   

*  NFC Email list <nfc at actwin_com> provides a forum to report and 
share information on native fishes and NFC activities and issues.   

*  Silent auctions and a regularly updated bulletin board allows 
members to trade or sell fish, plants, books, etc.  

*  Breeders club where members can earn breeding points and 
receive grants to help fund and document progress.

*  Regional chapters across the country sponsor collecting trips, 
help clean up streams, trade, or just get members acquainted with 
other conservation minded people.

               COUNT ME IN I WANT TO JOIN !!!!!!!!  
               NOTE: NFC is in the formative stages.  
               Memberships will begin September 1998
Detach and mail a check or a money order to NFC's membership director: 

Konrad Schmidt, 1663 Iowa Avenue East, St. Paul Minnesota 55106




STATE__________________________ ZIP_______________________________

PHONE__________________________ FAX_______________________________


     STUDENT (grade school - college) - 5$   
     Note: Please include School Name and Student ID #
     Regular (US.) - $10 /Canada - $15/All Others - $20
     Corporation - $100 (Includes advertisement on NFC's Website)
     I'd like to give a tax deductible gift to NFC $________

I'm interested in volunteering _____ Locally _________ Nationally 
(check one) please contact me!

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