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Re: June 6th Auction 1 update

Hi all,

	Indeed, a good discription would be in order. Thanks, I'll change the
web page shortly to reflect this, as Steve gave me some more details the
last couple of posts I recieved from him.
	Also, I suppose its the public education about the wild fish that's the
real problem. For some reason I get this frequently when talking to
someone new to the idea of keeping "wild" fish in aquariums. Back to the
"untamed wildlife is somehow threatening" thing.
	I know I have fewer problems with the "wild" fish stock I have kept.
The store bought fish nearly always either all do good, or a high
percent develop some sort of problem. Really have lost few from the
wild. But trying to explain that in a conversation where you are saying
to the person these fish are "for sale" is not a good time for
education, unless the price and lot size is setup for "test runs". May
be appropriate then.
	Guess in the long run education is the key. But solving the problem of
overcomming public preception of these fish may need a broader scope of
the incentive to "try" them first. I think Robert's reply to Terry about
the need for such a program for the natives is exactly on target, and
perhaps could be extended to "test" runs of "wild" non natives as well
that are a part of our programs? Don't know how we would work that out,
just a thought.


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