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Re: June 6th Auction 1 update

Yea, dividing the lot up may be a good idea, as the only people willing to
big ond 12 would either be a group of people (You take three, you take
four, I'll take..) or a serious breeder.  
Perhaps you might want to point out to your friend that high levels of
disease organisms are more likely to occur in the captive bred individuals
than their wild counterparts.  The high population densities of captive
bred fishes lead to high occurences of disease, whereas the natural
populations are thin enough to avoid this, and diseased animals are
rapidly pruned out by mother nature.  For instance, wild caught cichlids
from Africa seldom carry the parasite Hexamita, unless they were kept for
a time in breeders ponds in Florida, whereas its relatively common in
captive bred fishes.  Similarly, a thousand fish living in a small pond
where one catches a disease will all soon have it, even though the same
pond may only be able to naturally suport fifty fishes.  The fifty fishes,
being greatly spread out, shan't catch it as readily. 
Its a relatively common misconception that wild fishes are all disease
carrying disasters waiting to happen.  I can't count the number of fishes
I've had develop diseases days out of the pet shop.  I can count on one
hand the numer of darters, minnows, catfish, sunfish, etc. that have died
as a result of developing a disease.  
J. L. Weigert

On Sat, 6 Jun 1998, Herb Harris wrote:

> Hi Josh,
> 	Looks like we may be on to something with the lot size being a problem.
> The few people I spoke to about the auction by phone and email more or
> less had the same to say when they were interested. Three was what a
> couple of people would try if available, but no more than four from
> anyone. These weren't firm commitments, just "maybe you should try" type
> ideas.
> 	Also, a problem with these fish in one person's mind were unknown
> diseases and parasites they may be carrying. I suggested a quarantine
> tank, as I use for all new introductions of any sort, but she would have
> none of it. Didn't want to spoil her quarantine tank! O well.
> Herb
> Josh Wiegert wrote:
> > 
> > I talked to a few people who were interested in getting htem.  However,
> > they weren't interested in getting the full lot...  I agree with, Terry
> > was it?, who posted earlier that the relatively large lot sizes are a
> > downside.  Two people I talked towere interested in getting three of
> > them,but, unfortunately, don't live near enough to each other to bid
> > jointly.
> > ><>
> > J> L. Weigert
> > 
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