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Re: June 6th Auction 1 update

Hi Josh,

	Looks like we may be on to something with the lot size being a problem.
The few people I spoke to about the auction by phone and email more or
less had the same to say when they were interested. Three was what a
couple of people would try if available, but no more than four from
anyone. These weren't firm commitments, just "maybe you should try" type
	Also, a problem with these fish in one person's mind were unknown
diseases and parasites they may be carrying. I suggested a quarantine
tank, as I use for all new introductions of any sort, but she would have
none of it. Didn't want to spoil her quarantine tank! O well.


Josh Wiegert wrote:
> I talked to a few people who were interested in getting htem.  However,
> they weren't interested in getting the full lot...  I agree with, Terry
> was it?, who posted earlier that the relatively large lot sizes are a
> downside.  Two people I talked towere interested in getting three of
> them,but, unfortunately, don't live near enough to each other to bid
> jointly.
> ><>
> J> L. Weigert
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