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Re: Sales/Marketing/Follow-through

Hi Terry,

	As a fellow from the great state of Arkansas, that is not allowed to
ship native fish taken from public waters in the state, unless
extraordinary measures are taken, I personally have no experience with
why the seller would demand a 10 or 12 fish minimum. My guess is the
extra expense for shipping containers and packing time involved could
grow to be significant shortly. That is an argument that makes sense if
the person is sending out good numbers of fish regularly. Might wear
thin spending the same resources to send 3 fish as sending 12.
	Of course, I personally agree with you. There is a need to be more
flexible in the way "business as usual" is done! Getting folks involved
first with "trial samples" is often done by numbers of individuals and
firms. This works, has been in the marketing mix for generations on end.
	Though perhaps not going quite as far as giving the fish away, seems
there could be room here for at least a smaller "lot" size where a
"starter sample" is recognized for inclusion in the mix. So, instead of
auctioning off a single lot of 12, 4 lots of 3 would be made. Or 2 of 6,
Or 1 6 and 2 3s, or whatever. Makes sense. At least to me.

	As for you experience with the seller, I can only shake my head. It is
a problem we will experience as an organization as well, I'm sure.
Creating a "Team" approach may curb some of that though, since there is
the chance that if a collector or breeder turned "shipper" has some
reason develop that slows or stops shipment completion, perhaps another
"team" member can follow through for them. In that way it could develop
that dealing with this organization will be better than dealing with
some individuals, not to point a finger in any particular direction,
because I don't know the other side of the story. Just saying, maybe we
can do a better job than what has been the case before if we do it

	I for one appreciate you input. Thanks.

Herb Harris

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