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Re: Sales/Marketing/Follow-through


Thank you very much for your post. It tells it like it is wich I like a

The problem often times in small organizations people become "leaders"
who really are only their to feel important and often times their is no
accountability for their actions. If more people would challenge this
nonsence it would not occur so often. . If you find anyone (me included)
in this organization who treats you or people you know in a poor manner
bring it to this lists attention. Prospective members should never be

Heres my 2 cents worth on getting you and the other newbies out there
some fish...We planned on the breeders club producing fish for sale, the
primary reason was public education. Who better to educate than the
newbies. I'll make sure we develop an easy program to get fish to the new
converts. I'll talk with its administrator this weekend......

Now to you, what would you like ? Killies, Heteradria, shiners  ? I'll
send you a box when I pack fish on sunday....You will have them by
Wens....If you like em make a donation to the NFC what ever you feel is
fair. If you dont think they are neat fish thanks for your time and
forget the whole thing....

Please contact me Privatly ar robertrice at juno_com and we will get it
handeled and Thanks again for telling us of your experience...


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