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NFC eAuction Announcement!

The Native Fish Conservancy (NFC), a non profit conservation
organization, is holding an eAuction. 
AUCTION INFORMATION: Donations go to help continuing efforts to conserve
our natural heritage and our native fish. Items are made available by
various sources. The winning bidder will be contacted with details of
BIDDING: Bids may be posted to nfc_fish_eauction at usa_net with BID as the
subject. Bid for entire lots. Please indicate the lot number(s) you are
bidding on. In the event no bids are placed for a lot, the auction for
that lot may be extended.
TERMS: Bidder pays shipping costs per lot. Arrival condition not
NFC "ONCE CAUGHT, NEVER RETURN" POLICY: Bidder agrees to "Never release
to the wild captive fish, unless directed to do so by the proper state
or federal authorities having jurisdiction." 
NFC June eAuction 1 
Time period will be now till 6pm Central Time, June 10, 1998. 

Lot 1 
12 wild caught Jewel Cichlids. 
Minimum Bid: $36 for the lot. 
Add $15 for shipping. 
Comments pertaining to any NFC eAuction may be directed to: 

nfc_fish_eauction at usa_net 

To check current Highest Bid, visit
NFC eAuction page:
or email
nfc_fish_eauction at usa_net
with Highest Bid Question as the subject line.

Please post where appropriate! Thanks.