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Re: Breeders Program update

Don't forget I am supposed to be part of the BP too, raising pygmy 

BTW, RR is supposed to be sending me some other fish in exchange for a 
couple of shipments that I sent down.  Also, Daryl is getting me some 
silversides.  These fish can also be used for the BP, assuming I can 
successfully breed them (have a few ideas on this which I plan to try 

Finally, I think that RR should be reimbursed for postage costs and any 
associated costs, such as for styrofoam boxes, etc. After all, we are 
supposed to fund NFC programs out of NFC funds and not expect our 
volunteer staff to contribute their personal funds along with their time 
(unless they want to).

Unless someone has an objection, I am expecting RR to forward a request 
for reimbursement for postage and associated costs for getting the fish 
he generously donated to the team members of the Breeder's Program. 
Alternatively, I can provide up-front funding, if RR can give me an 
expected outlay estimate and reimburse for any overage.

Herb: how about some feedback on these ideas?

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>As a point of reference I have no plans to be a continual source for
>these species...........Folks who are serious will get a nice starter
>colony ...I have no plans (yet) to continue the freebies past this
>month....Please each of you privatly email me to discuss tank setups ,
>shipping dates etc......Ummm do I pay postage on this deal ?
>On Thu, 04 Jun 1998 17:28:47 -0500 Herb Harris <top_side at geocities_com>
>>Hi all,
>>	Those of you still wanting to take Robert up on his generous 
>>offer of
>>free fish to get the Breeders Program off to a good start, let me 
>>	Today I sent Robert a list of the following confirmed Breeders 
>>Members that had asked for fish under his offer:
>>David L. Hall
>>Bill Flowers
>>J. L. Wiegert
>>Chad L. Mastbergen
>>	If I overlooked anyone, my apologies, just send me a note with 
>>fish of interest from his list and I will correct the oversight!
>>	If anyone is interested in joining the Breeders Program, let 
>>me know,
>>I'll send the application out shortly.
>>Native Fish Conservancy
>>visit our old webpage:
>>and visit our new webpage:
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