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Heterandria formosa pt2

I have a few bits of information concerning H formosa color morphs etc.
Dwight mentioned the possiblity of the coloration of the H formosa be
related to the coloration of the gravel and such. I have both the fading
H formosa and the nonfading H formosa in the same tank and consistantly
only 2 males and 3 females have this ability (all from R Rice). The
other males and females have retain their coloration at all times. The
fading type can achieve coloration almost as dark as the non-fading
types. My point is that both color morphs are in the same tank under the
same conditions.
	I have possible corraborating information from OUR NATIVE FISHES by
John R Quinn. In the section on The Species; under the heading : Field
Marks and Collecting he states "The least killie is a rich golden brown
or olive above (depending on habitat)...  The underside is usually clear
white or pale yellow. There is usually a black spot basally on the
dorsal and anal fins, and some individuals show between four and six
faded, dusky crossbars."

Doesn't this seem to say that he has observed variation in coloration. I
also have 1 male that is distinctly more tiger striped than the others.
I think what I am going to do is seperate the various types and see if I
can get two differant populations going and see what I get.

BTW My apologies for not getting in my application sooner this is a busy
time at our plant nursery. My application is winging (alright crawling)
its way to Konrad Schmidt as I speak uh write.

Chris Darrow Southern VT