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Re: Important NFC update!!

Way Cool!

	I can even access this site with my regular ISP, anc.net. Before on
xoom I had to go to my secondary, ipa.net, for some reason. Guess
anc.net had xoom blocked or something.
	Thanks Martin!


D. Martin Moore wrote:
> To all,
> Well, it's official.  The website has moved to
> http://nativefish.interspeed.net  .  I see there is a problem with
> the images already! I will fix it ASAP.
> RR: I need contact info for our newfound "friends", and also any web
> art they would like to include.  I have put you down as the
> Auctioneer; is that OK?
> Herb: Tim Ayers (tayers at bridge_com) has volunteered to help with the
> website, and I've asked him to do the Breeder's Club section.  You
> should contact him with whatever information you want to post,
> including a description of the program.
> The BBS (discussion board) is not done yet, but should be ready by
> this weekend.  It will be an excellent forum for auction items other
> than the silent auction.
> Prost,
> Martin
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