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Re: Conservation Projects

Hi Dwight,

	After the little bit I found out about a scientific collection 
permit here, yours certainly sounds like a project to me!
	I'm checking into a small creek cleanup after one of the clear cutters
went through the area last month. Really leveled the place! Used to be
so nice, but all the shade is gone now, and the creek for a good
distance has been crisscrossed by the log skidders. Lots of debris and
huge ruts allowing quick runoff from the torn up ground silts what's
left in even a brief shower. Looking into what can be done. No real luck
so far, loggers run the show round here!
	One problem is the way the hunters are allowed to close off areas to
the public due to "lease" arrangements with the large land owners, the
timber owners. Then the clear cutting operations can go in and tear up
an area, and no one is the wiser. Tough problem for the fish! Zero
regulation as far as I can tell, or if there is, it is totally
inadequate. 'Course, round here I've only made discreet inquiries, for
obvious reasons.
	Just curious, used to have family in Montpelier, what part of the state
are you working in?