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Re: stephen vernon <vern at icanect_net>: jewel fish 4 sale

Hi Robert,

	I agree. Josh and I are working out the details now. Should have it up
by tomorrow sometime. Got a new version that basically says the same as
before, but I felt I should flesh it out on the legal side and auction
specifics a bit just to be sure what I can think of is covered.
	I also wanted to emphasis your point about our "No Return" Policy.
'Bout finished now. I'll get the boat movin' soon as Josh gets me the


robert a rice wrote:
> Breeders Club Folks,
> I'd also like to propose that in regards to to any auction item non NFC
> members be allowed to bid. They of course should be willing to abide by
> our internal rules.
> My reason being that the purpose of the auction is to raise $$$ to
> further support conservation. If Joe Blow has waited years for XYZ
> cichlid and we put a dozen on the block  he might pay a hundred bucks or
> more while NFC members whose primary focus is natives would likley not
> pay such a price.
> In the end the NFC wins. We get exposure, funds, and the reduction of
> exotics...the other folks get some nice aquarium species for their home
> tanks ....................all around a pleasant deal for everyone !!
> ONCE CAUGHT, NEVER RETURNED   is not just a slogan it's our policy