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Re: stephen vernon <vern at icanect_net>: jewel fish 4 sale

Breeders Club Folks,

I'd also like to propose that in regards to to any auction item non NFC
members be allowed to bid. They of course should be willing to abide by
our internal rules.

My reason being that the purpose of the auction is to raise $$$ to
further support conservation. If Joe Blow has waited years for XYZ
cichlid and we put a dozen on the block  he might pay a hundred bucks or
more while NFC members whose primary focus is natives would likley not
pay such a price.

In the end the NFC wins. We get exposure, funds, and the reduction of
exotics...the other folks get some nice aquarium species for their home
tanks ....................all around a pleasant deal for everyone !!

ONCE CAUGHT, NEVER RETURNED   is not just a slogan it's our policy

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