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Re: stephen vernon <vern at icanect_net>: jewel fish 4 sale

I'd allow 4-5 days minimum and think about cross posting to cichlid
related email lists to up the ante....Mr. Vernon has agreed to do 12 a
month so get used to this...:)

>Hi Josh,
>	I could conduct an auction now using what I have of the buyers
>agreement and set a time period for the end of the auction, say 2 days
>from now. We could do this with posts to the list, or posts to me, but
>the list will let everyone know more or less where their bid stands.
>After the time period is up, and I give it a few hours for the lagging
>servers to spit any straggling posts with the proper time stamp, the
>highest bidder at the time of the end of the deadline is declared the
>	All I have to do is declare the start of the sale, sort of 
>like this:
>SAMPLE, NO SALE YET!!!!!!!!!!
>Hi all,
>	NFC Fish Sale Buyer's Agreement:
>	Terms of sale: Highest Bidder at the end of time period will 
>declared the buyer. Buyer pays all shipping costs, sold as is, arrival
>condition not guaranteed, all sales final. All state and federal
>restrictions apply to sale, import, and possession of these fish. 
>agrees to "Never release to the wild" any of these fish or any 
>of these fish, unless directed to do so by the proper state or federal
>authorities having jurisdiction. All Bids good until end of sale
>declared. Shipment made to the posting bidder, if all legal conditions
>and receipt of payment are met. No shipments made to or from where
>prohibited. Participation in bidding acknowledges acceptance of terms 
>	Time period will be now till 6pm Central Time, June 2, 1998.
>	We will start off at $3 per fish.
>	Any one interested, please post your bids.
>SAMPLE, NO SALE YET!!!!!!!!!!
>	Any member may post a bid for someone else, so long as 
>and acceptance of the buyers agreement is transferred to the final
>buyer. If this serves the purpose, then lets do it!

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