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Re: stephen vernon <vern at icanect_net>: jewel fish 4 sale

Hi Josh,

	I could conduct an auction now using what I have of the buyers
agreement and set a time period for the end of the auction, say 2 days
from now. We could do this with posts to the list, or posts to me, but
the list will let everyone know more or less where their bid stands.
After the time period is up, and I give it a few hours for the lagging
servers to spit any straggling posts with the proper time stamp, the
highest bidder at the time of the end of the deadline is declared the

	All I have to do is declare the start of the sale, sort of like this:


Hi all,
	NFC Fish Sale Buyer's Agreement:
	Terms of sale: Highest Bidder at the end of time period will be
declared the buyer. Buyer pays all shipping costs, sold as is, arrival
condition not guaranteed, all sales final. All state and federal
restrictions apply to sale, import, and possession of these fish. Buyer
agrees to "Never release to the wild" any of these fish or any offspring
of these fish, unless directed to do so by the proper state or federal
authorities having jurisdiction. All Bids good until end of sale
declared. Shipment made to the posting bidder, if all legal conditions
and receipt of payment are met. No shipments made to or from where
prohibited. Participation in bidding acknowledges acceptance of terms of

	Time period will be now till 6pm Central Time, June 2, 1998.
	We will start off at $3 per fish.

	Any one interested, please post your bids.

	Any member may post a bid for someone else, so long as acknowledgment
and acceptance of the buyers agreement is transferred to the final
buyer. If this serves the purpose, then lets do it!


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