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Re: 100% death.

   THanks to everyone who helped with my minor crisis.  THe pond liner
itself, a childs wading pool, was quite safe.  Its held fish efore, and
demonstrated that.  I'm unsure of the source of the toxin, but am
currently leaning towards that as the source.  I'll be restocking slowl,
and hopefully have a bit more success for the remainder of the year.  
  Also, please not that Majordomo puts a cap on messages at 40,000
characters.  Thats a big message.  However, attachemnts and such will not
be sent properly.  If they're smaller, you'll be able to send them as a
seperate message many times.  But, thats 40K.  Alternately, you can send
the attachemnt to me, and I'd be willing to send it out if anyone wants
it.  You can, of course, just keep it yourself and do the same.
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