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Re: Exotics

Hi Sam,

	Though Robert may be able to provide you with further information, I
refer you to the following web page, from Minnesota DNR:


	This page can be accessed from the DNR homepage,


by looking under Licenses, Registrations and Regulations link from the
homepage, then 1998 Minnesota Fishing Regulations, then Exotic Species
Laws (prohibitions and restrictions).

	The basic information is:

Prohibited Exotic Species 

         The following are designated as prohibited exotic species.
Aquatic Plants: European frog-bit, Eurasian watermilfoil, hydrilla,
any          variety of purple loosestrife, flowering rush, water
Fish: ruffe, round goby, rudd, grass carp, sea lamprey, and white perch.
Invertebrates: zebra mussel and rusty crayfish.

	Since the fish pertaining to your question is not native to your area,
it is technically "exotic", though native to North America. However, it
is not listed as prohibited.

Hope this helps.


For more information 
         Call the DNR Exotic Species Program, at (612) 296-2835 or
         1-888-646-6367 (MINNDNR). 

Samuel J. Petrie wrote:
> Robert,
> In a recent post you stated:
> "F. Crhsotus are treated like a tropical in
> Minnesota......"
> Do you have a list of what  native fish are considered "tropical
> aquarium fish" for the purpose of importation into Minnesota? All that I
> could find was a reference in the state fishing regulations that says
> you can't import any fish into the state unless it is marine, tropical,
> or subtropical and can't survive in Minnesota waters. Since I doubt that
> there has been any research into which non-game species can survive our
> winters, it leaves a native fish keeper in an uncertain position. If you
> found an official list or could point me in the right direction to find
> this information, it would be much appreciated!
> Sam Petrie

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