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NFC Exotics Removal Team

Hi all,

	I have begun to compile a list of folks that have expressed interest
the last week or so in the exotics removal program. I will in the next
week or so have the NFC Exotics Removal Team membership application
ready for all those NFC members interested in participating.
Please email me to let me know to check my list for your name, just in
case I've missed someone.
	Of course any activities you do on your own doesn't need the
application formality, but if you want to contribute your time and
efforts to NFC, please do this right so we can sanction your activities
as part of our "Team" efforts. By doing this you can get recognition by
your fellow NFC members for your efforts, and perhaps as things grow,
other program rewards to help in your collecting or sales scouting
activities. I see these efforts as deserving of reward just as the
Breeders Program participants are deserving of rewards.
	Still working on what the rewards should be, and how to award them. Of
course this will need approval, but I don't see why your efforts should
go unnoticed and seem unappreciated! Anyone that goes out in the heat
and slogs around in the ditch all day has got to love it, but I can bet
you'd appreciate a better net or seine too!
	What about you folks in the sales end of things? Any way to help you
there? A new car? Well... maybe not that much help, but I'm sure you can
let me know what sort of thing would be suitable, ok?

More Later,