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Re: 100% death.

Hi all,

	Toxicology testing of the fish themselves could tell what toxins killed
them, if they have not already broken down, but all that gets expensive
PDQ. I'm sure that would be another case of "overkill" as well. Really
Josh, I think if you can just find out whether the killing agent is
still in the pond, you could be reasonably sure that a new startup could
succeed. If there is any doubt that Larry's method would not do this,
put some water in the pond for a week, get some of it in a tank, then
use Larry's method as well. If the pond water only tank is singly
affected, then Steve may be on to something.

Steve Gates wrote:
> A 100% kill sounds like a toxin.  The mosquito larva and beetle get their O2
> from the air, so they probably wouldn't be affected by something in the
> water.
> I'd be worried that it was the pool itself.  Not all plastics are
> fish-friendly by any means--particularly if they've been treated to be UV or
> fungus resistant.
> Steve Gates
> swgates at worldnet_att.net