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Breeder's Program (Robert shipping fish)

Hi all,

	For those of you that have indicated to Robert, to me, or to the list
in general that you want to take Robert up on his generous offer of free
fish to serious breeders to give us a starting stock of fish, please be
aware that Robert will NOT be sending fish till we have the membership
applications back. This is the only way we can do it and ensure that you
know what you are getting into before he sends his fish.
	The membership application document is in the final stages of review. I
hope to have one to all of you shortly, but we want to do this right, so
I ask for your continuing patience, and thank you for your cooperation.
	Also the fish you will be entering into the program will be
"registered" as to number, species, and other pertinent information.
This can be done as we go along, however, but do be prepared to answer
questions along this line soon.