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Re: 100% death.

Hi Josh,

	Also, if the birds were affected by a slower acting pesticide or
environmental pollutant of any sort, and then died because they were too
weak to lift away from the water, their bodies could have released these
toxins into the water. Sort of a long shot, but possible. I'd think that
your Extension agent, or perhaps a nearby university may be able to
determine the cause. 'Course that route may require you to pay for a
soil sample test of the bottom mud. Cheapest is what Larry suggested,
but may not give you sure knowledge of the cause, just whether it is
still hanging around.

Josh Wiegert wrote:
> If it was a pesticide, none of which have been used in the yard, wouldn't
> the larvae have been killed?  Although, a pestiside could explain the
> birds: They drank the water, and died.  ..
> <><
> J. L. Wiegert
> On Fri, 29 May 1998 LawrenceT5 at aol_com wrote:
> > It sounds like some sort of pesticide or other pollutant.  I would set up a
> > small aquarium (bare) with a few guppies and after a week or two, put in a
> > handfull of the muck from the bottom of your pond.  Do not use activated
> > carbon filtration.  If it kills the guppies after a period of time, that looks
> > like the culprit.
> >