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Re: 100% death.

Server lagged up, and I didn't finish.  This is the pond witht he birds,
and I'm thinking the light time they were in there may have dmaaged the
water, or introduced another agent.  Any possible ideas would be greatly
appreciated, as I'd like to restock it.  Also, what are opinions on
reuusing the plants, or how to treat them?
J. L. Wiegert

On Fri, 29 May 1998, Josh Wiegert wrote:

> I just complete drained my pond.  :(  Not a single fish was found at all!
> :(  The pond was stocked with the following:
> 100+++ Feeder guppies.
> 1 pair breeding Paratheraps. :(:(:(
> 6 Olmstedi Darters
> 6 White Cloud minnows.
> 3 Tetras.
> Several of the guppies were found dead, aswas one of the paratheraps and
> one darter. All
> had a pinched in belly.  I'm unsure of what killed them.  Four different
> kinds of insects were found, and I'm wondering if one may be the culprit,
> though a 100% parasite killing is unlikely at best.  The first was
> mosquito larvae.  The second was a red, scarlet red, worm that maxed about
> 2.5 CM.  The third was a small beatle.  The final was another red worm,
> thogh less red and smaller.  It was found in mud on the rocks, that looked
> to have been assembled.  The mud "homes" were about 3cm long, though some
> were longer, and oval shaped.  The worms were only found by crushing them.
> Any ideas on what the mystery worms where, and if they could be the
> culprits? 
> Any other ideas on culprits?  I'm thinking possibly a polutant.