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Re: Breeder's Club issues

Hi Daryl,

	Bravo! Glad to see you take the bull by the horns! In my opinion, no,
the prohibition of sales of these fish by us to a state that already
allows the same species to be sold by anyone with the proper license is
not really going to do anything but limit our own program, since
education of the public and aquarist in general is the key to beginning
to solve the Exotics problem. I do feel that anyone we sell to must
agree at some point to our policy of "Never release to the Wild" any non
native captive fish, unless directed to do so by the proper authorities.
Such a case would hardly ever occur in the Exotics program. I think such
a policy can be made part of a Buyer's Agreement document that should
accompany every sale of fish from any source by the NFC. After the
receipt of such a document by the buyer, confirming the order would
constitute agreement to its terms. It would at least help educate a few
	BTW: I know Robert has the proper license to sell fish, but I'm not
sure if you will need it as well. Best check before arranging sales, and
for sure before handling any money, just in case. :)
	Where do we stand on serious inquires that have replied with "I want
xyz fish in 123 numbers"? Please post to me directly.

Phylesis at aol_com wrote:
>                 Hi Herb and all,
>         A couple of things with regard to the Exotic Removal Program, should we
> concider prohibiting sale of these fish to any of the southern states where
> they may naturalize including Florida? I have already denied requests from
> personal friends here, though I did give them the option of helping in the
> collection process with pick of the catch as a benefit. No takers  :)   I am
> fielding the requests sent through by Josh and direct inquiries to the list
> and responding and saving the "wish lists" until we're up and running. My nets
> didn't arrive today : (   so the 1st full scale collecting trip may have to
> wait till next weekend.
>                                                 Thanks
>                                                                         Daryl

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