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Re: Breeder's Club issues

I'm interested in getting a BPMA, Herb.
I'm also interested in getting the Sailfin and .. Flagfin was it?  Shiner
tha tRR offered.  Thanks.
J. L.
On Fri, 29 May 1998, Herb Harris wrote:

> Hi all,
> 	Just a brief update. A Breeders Program membership application will be
> required from ALL participants, no exceptions. This document will serve
> to inform you in general of what is expected of you, as well what to
> expect in return for your participation. Be aware that there are
> sanctions involved for not abiding by the terms of the application.
> After reviewing this application, if you feel that you, for whatever
> reason, can't agree to its terms and conditions, don't get involved with
> the program. All members of NFC whose membership is able to be confirmed
> are welcome to apply. I will email a copy of this application to any NFC
> member requesting it, if I have not done so by the end of next week.
> Currently only those people that have made prior requests are on my
> mailing list.
> 	Positions within the Breeders Program for Shipping Manager, Program
> Registrar, and Awards Administrator will be made as we grow and members
> desire to have a more active role in the smooth running of the Program.
> I will discuss appointment to any of these positions with any Breeders
> Program member that is interested.
> 	Still working on the Exotic Removal part of the NFC Fish Sales Program
> (refer to the website for where that came from). For those of you that
> are interested in this program specifically, and not in the general
> Breeders Program, I plan to come up with a similar binding application
> for this as well so that you know what to expect, and what is expected
> of you. Anyone that has input into this program may contact me directly
> with comments and suggestions.
> More Later,
> Herb