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Re: Breeder's Club issues

Hi all,

	Just a brief update. A Breeders Program membership application will be
required from ALL participants, no exceptions. This document will serve
to inform you in general of what is expected of you, as well what to
expect in return for your participation. Be aware that there are
sanctions involved for not abiding by the terms of the application.
After reviewing this application, if you feel that you, for whatever
reason, can't agree to its terms and conditions, don't get involved with
the program. All members of NFC whose membership is able to be confirmed
are welcome to apply. I will email a copy of this application to any NFC
member requesting it, if I have not done so by the end of next week.
Currently only those people that have made prior requests are on my
mailing list.
	Positions within the Breeders Program for Shipping Manager, Program
Registrar, and Awards Administrator will be made as we grow and members
desire to have a more active role in the smooth running of the Program.
I will discuss appointment to any of these positions with any Breeders
Program member that is interested.

	Still working on the Exotic Removal part of the NFC Fish Sales Program
(refer to the website for where that came from). For those of you that
are interested in this program specifically, and not in the general
Breeders Program, I plan to come up with a similar binding application
for this as well so that you know what to expect, and what is expected
of you. Anyone that has input into this program may contact me directly
with comments and suggestions.

More Later,


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