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Of interest perhaps

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Date: Fri, 29 May 1998 14:28:35 -0500
From: "C. Shamsid-Deen" <csha at usa_net>
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Subject: [RML] FISHNET EXPLORE w/Heiko

I know some of you also keep native fish so thought you might find the
following of interest.

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     27-May-98  07:38:06
 Sb: You are invited
 Fm: John R. Benn 76703,4256
 To: All

Would you like to join world-famous fish explorer Heiko Bleher and the 
developer of Amquel/Novaqua John Kuhns for some serious fish stories? 

Both Heiko Bleher and John Kuhns will be some of the participants in next 
month's FISHNET EXPLORE effort to the deserts of Arizona and California.  
Everyone is welcome to join the expedition. 

Here is our latest schedule.

Thursday, June 18 caravan meeting in Oklahoma City.  Travel west toward 

Friday, June 19, Team meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Saturday, June 20 visit Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge, scenic tour
Death Valley, visit Charcoal Kilns, and camping that night in Death Valley 
National Park.

Sunday, June 21 visit Salt Creek marsch, Borax Mine Works, Badwater (the 
lowest elevation in the U.S.) and begin 4x4 trail to Amagossa River.  Camp 
that night.

Monday, June 22 visit stream outside Death Valley, spring inside Death
travel toward Arizona, visit Majave area and Kelso, California.  Stay in 
Needles, California.

Tuesday, June 23 visit Organ Pipe National Park, Quitovaquito spring as well 
as historic "wells" located in ancient trail area.  Camp in Organ Pipe.

Wednesday, June 24 complete work in Organ Pipe and visit to Kitt Peak
Observatory.  Stay in Tucson for night.

John R. Benn, PetsForum Group
On CompuServe - The Net's Best Thing For Pets & Animals

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Carvi Shamsid-Deen
Aquaria/Fish Forum on CompuServe