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Re: Aquaculture information

How about links to the Small Business Administration, USDA, EEOC, 
Natinal Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Marine 
Fisheries Service, US Fish and Wildlife Service, along with foundations 
that offer grants, business links for technical and financial assistance 
and links to any state agencies with special programs or grants.

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>Here's a theoretical (as of now) question.  Let's say that a part of 
>Federal Government that deals primarily with minority businesses was
>interested in developing a group of web sites that would assist small,
>minority, and disadvantaged entreprenours (I know, I can't spell that 
>word!) to get into a variety of industries, but would be open to the 
public at
>large.  Let us further suppose that one of those industries was 
aquaculture of
>either ornamental or food organisms.  What information and/or links 
would you
>like to see on such a site?
>Mind you, this is only theoretical............
>for now
><<** Larry **>>

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