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RE: Breeder's Club issues

Hello all,
 Sorry about the delay in writting my responce work has been txing as of
late and a bit of extra hours were involved.  Ok for those of you that do
not know me I'm from the southern part of Minnesota.  I raise mostly
toothcarps(both killie and livbearers) and cory catfish.  I have been doing
alot of work with goodieds, curently having 15 species, most of them s[ecial
concerns through extincent in the wild.
 The Fundulus Chrysotus will be joining my fishroom which is about 55 tanks
when full, ranging in size from 2.5 gallon to 110 gallon. They will be
placed in planted tanks same as those which I use for spawning african plant
spawners.  Some acrylic mops will be used.  I have no ponds yet:) Still
trying to work out the details of setting up 1 or maybe more.  what is
showing strong possibiltes is some wisky barrel type mini ponds which will
be planted of course.  I will be going to look at the state experts water
gardens the 2nd weekend in June so I should have alot of idea's after that.
At least one trio possibly more will go to a friend,also a NFC member
interested in breeding natives.  He is also working with Herps and insects.
There are many reasons for the spliting of the breeding group many of them
are obvious, such as possible losses. Live and prepared/prossed foods will
be used in the conditioning.

If there are any other question let me know, or if some one is interesteed
the fish I have I am allways willing to talk fish.

Mastberc at ssu_southwest.msus.edu