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Re: Gee Whiz, I'm interested Psts.

Yes, it would be a simple matter to just change all the subjects to
"Exotic Rquest."  However, many people don't know how to filter, or can't.
I don't mind forwarding them, and just thought if one person wanted to
handle them all, it'd be a simpler matter.  
J. L. Weigert

On Wed, 27 May 1998, Herb Harris wrote:

> Hi Josh,
> 	Any way to set up a "bulletin board" for this? Sort of give all these
> posts a single subject line (like Gee Whiz Exotic or something). Most
> mail programs that I'm familiar with allow for the creation of folders
> that the receiver can create and filter to for these posts, or discard
> as they so desire. I have seen this done on other lists, and it all
> works well if whomever is administering it always uses the same format.
> 	'Course that don't solve the admin problem, but perhaps someone has an
> idea on that too.
> Herb
> Josh Wiegert wrote:
> > 
> > Anyone want to step up and volunteer to field the posts that run the line
> > of "Gee Whiz, I'm interested in getting some of those exotics?"  I'm sure
> > the whole list doesn't need to know that So and So is interested, nor
> > appreciateive of 15 extra mails a day. :)
> > <><
> > J. L. Weigert