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Exotic removal Program

		Hey guys,
	Well it sounds like we have a direction for this project,
excellant. Let me remind the list and those expressing interest
in the wild caught exotics that the program is in it's infancy.
At my end, I have set up a staging area and holding pond(kiddypool) and will
be recieving a new siene and better bait net from mail order probably
tomorrow. All things are go for my first serious collecting day on Sunday.  As
a side note,
I observed an interesting behaviour of the Pleco to share.
They burrow into the embankment about 2 feet, and stage a cleared area just
outside the burrow. It was in a clump of vegitation right in front of this
burrow that I found the 3/4" offspring last week. I had noticed this behaviour
in the lakes in Lake Worth a few years ago, but didn't know the burrows were
so deep.Cool, eh.
                          All for now,