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Re: Gee Whiz, I'm interested Psts.

Hi Josh,

	Any way to set up a "bulletin board" for this? Sort of give all these
posts a single subject line (like Gee Whiz Exotic or something). Most
mail programs that I'm familiar with allow for the creation of folders
that the receiver can create and filter to for these posts, or discard
as they so desire. I have seen this done on other lists, and it all
works well if whomever is administering it always uses the same format.
	'Course that don't solve the admin problem, but perhaps someone has an
idea on that too.


Josh Wiegert wrote:
> Anyone want to step up and volunteer to field the posts that run the line
> of "Gee Whiz, I'm interested in getting some of those exotics?"  I'm sure
> the whole list doesn't need to know that So and So is interested, nor
> appreciateive of 15 extra mails a day. :)
> <><
> J. L. Weigert

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