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Re: Re: exotics

I would like any of the following species (not a mandate, just a 
shopping list in case you happen to come across some):

Sailfin mollies, wild Heterandria formosa, Everglades pygmy sunfish, 
Okefenokee pygmy sunfish, blue-spotted sunfish, gambusia, pygmy 
killifish, lined topminnow, golden topminnow, rainwater killifish, 
seminole killifish and bluefin killifish, swamp darter, blackbanded 
darter, Florida flagfish, brook silverside, taillight shiner, sailfin 
shiner, ironcolor shiner 


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>	Hey Dwight,
>	I am currently only collecting exotics for the Exotic Removal Program, 
but so
>long as I'm not stepping on any toes here, 
>I'd be more than happy to send a few natives your way. Let me know what
>specifically your interested in and I'll try and find some.I assume 
>intersts did not include the moccasin.  :)
>Let me know
>	Daryl

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