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Re: "Barbara J. Meacham" <bmeacham at ics1_net>: Article

>I was very interested in the article you posted on rec.aquaria.misc. I =
>would like to know if you have a website, or would recommend one, that =
>gives further information about the subject you write of. If not, are =
>there any books, magazine articles, etc. that go into more detail other =
>than the one you mentioned in your article. I live in Ohio and wonder =
>about native fish in my area that could be adapted to aquariums. Where =
>are sources for native fish, other than taking them out of nearby =
>waterbodies? Thank you for any information you can give me.


I'm responding to your message to Robert Rice, which he posted to the NFC
email list.  I'm in Columbus, Ohio.  Are you anywhere near there?

There are currently two clubs dealing with North American native fish,
North American Native Fishes Association and Native Fish Conservancy.  Both
groups have web sites and email lists for sharing fish stuff.  NANFA puts
out a journal with lots of good articles on native fish keeping, etc.
There are many other articles archived on
NANFA and NFC's web sites.  See:


Both groups have trading post lists for people to exchange fishes, both
captive bred and wild caught.  If you send me an email, I can help you find
the fishes you may want.  I have some experience with Ohio species and
others.  I would be glad to talk to you further about native fish keeping.
Please write me directly.

Mark Binkley
Columbus Ohio USA          <))><
mbinkley at earthling_net

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach him
to use "the Net" and he won't bother you for weeks.