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Re: NFC Breeders Club (Free fish to SERIOUS BREEDERS !!!!!!!!!)

Hi Bill, all,

	Bill, just need some particulars as to shipping address and such. Also,
what is your state's legal position on import and breeding for sale?
	As soon as I have opportunity to talk with Robert I'll know more about
what information to ask for concerning registration of your fish in the
Breeders Club program. I'll probably come up with a short mail and/or
email form to fill out and send back that tells the specifics of your
commitment to the program, and what program benefits you can earn for
your participation, but we'll see as we go along if that's needed.

        To everyone interested in being in the Breeders Club; if you are
wanting some of Robert's fish soon, please let me know what particular
species, what numbers, and your shipping address. After I confirm your
state's (or country's) position on import and breeding for sale, etc.,
I'll get word to him. As you know, the blueheads will not be available
till I get the ok to ship, but as soon as that's cleared up I will be
making them available to club members when I have them in sufficient
	Also, any of you that are old hands at the setup and maintenance of
other breeders clubs, please feel free to jump in with suggestions,
advice, and general counsel as to how we should proceed. I know that
Robert and Dwight have some specifics as to the way to proceed, and I
would like to hear from any of you that have a good idea that we might
use. Of course, volunteers for assistance are certainly welcome!

	For other members not yet sure you want to commit to the Breeders Club,
please consider putting that spare tank to good use. We need your help,
you get some great fish, and when you are successful, you'll get some
good rewards for your participation!
	Sound good? Write me a line or two. Looking forward to hearing from


robert a rice wrote:
> Bill,
> I don't see any reason  you shouldn't get some Heeterandia ! If Herb
> gives it the OK I'll get some out to you.
> I   think selling natives through pet stores is a good idea as long as
> you have the permits for em. I think and even better idea was your
> suggesstion to sell the collected exotics through aquarium societys . The
> society could absorb the smal amount of fish we would collect with ease ,
> give us a ready made market, and allow us to get a good price for our
> products.....BTW welcom to the NFC :)
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