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Re: exotics continued

Hmm... not sure how you could confuse the two fishes.  Meeki would be more
common.  The meeki will have a lower shaped mouth, sorta like a geophagus
(Eartheater) and more likely than not, some red along it.  Its tail will
be more rounded, and its body almost flat.  The para's will have a very
fish like body shape.
J. L. Wiegert

On Sun, 24 May 1998, Phylesis wrote:

> 	 sorry, hit the wrong button, hate when that happens.   :)
> anyway, as I was saying Plecos. I have 6 at 3/4 " . At least I think thier
> Plecos, hard to tell at this size. Also, I collected some small sunny like
> fish with very dark bodies covered in green irridescent spots. Could an
> imature form of the cichlid, but I don't know. Well thats all for now, if
> these messages are too long tell me and I'll keep it shorter,  or try anyway.
> :)
> 											Daryl