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		Hey guys,
	This morning I went to downtown Davie in search of exotics in the canals that
run through the area. Never got out of one canal. I found that the predominent
species in this canal is a cichlid. As I am completely unfamiliar with
cichlids, I am not sure what it is. After a web search I have come up with 2
possibilities......Paratheraps bifaciatus or Thorichthys meeki
the later of which seems the more likely. I have only 1 approx.
3 1/2 " .   Want it?   BTW   these are extraorindarily beautiful 
little beasties.   :)  I did have more, but the bucket rolled off the slope
and back into the water they went. Have to work on my collecting skills. Also,
I collected plecos about 3/4  Among the natives were Lucania goodei,
Peocilia latipinna, Heterandria formosa, Gambusia affinis,
Lepomis punctatus miniatus, an adolecsent moccosin  :),