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Re: Aquaculture information

Hi Larry,

	You might have a few states that contest that position, and the person
on the receiving end has no advocate within that state. Here catfish,
baitfish, and others definitely are regulated by the Arkansas Game and
Fish Commission. Perhaps it is assumed that because these are covered by
fed regs, they are therefore not included in the state's regulations,
but that is not the case at all. The person standing in front of the
state's District Judge explaining just how the state doesn't have
jurisdiction over a fish farm may find few friends at his side. 
	I refer you to Arkansas Game and Fish Commission Baitfish, Mussel and
Fish Farmers Regulations, Updated November 1997. I can email you a copy
of this if you like, also one person to contact may be Mike Gibson, in
Fisheries, 1-501-525-0674. AGFC also has a web site at:


	I did peruse some of the fed sites that deal with aquaculture, and as I
recall there is a list of contacts for each state, although I didn't
contact the USDA agent here. I will now, to get his opinion about the
matter, and perhaps some help. Thanks for the information.


LawrenceT5 wrote:
> One thing we're going to point out to the potential business owners is that
> aquaculture is defined under Federal law as agriculture, so cultivating of
> non-game species such as catfish, carp, ornamentals, shrimp, prawn, etc.... is
> not covered by fish and game, but by agricultural agencies.  This means that
> the network of USDA agents in every state is required to offer assistance.
> Best wishes;
> <<** Larry **>>