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Re: NFC Breeders Club

Hi all, Dwight,
	Perhaps I shouldn't, but this issue will nag at me till I say my buck
two ninety eighths worth, so:
	Dwight, you certainly sound qualified, and your contacts sound great,
and ditto for getting the Breeders Program to be "structured and run in
a way that will ensure that it is run in a professional manner and in
compliance with applicable IRS regulations."
	I'd like to work with you in this, or is there something I missed?
Perhaps these goals can still be accomplished?
	Obviously as qualified and experienced as you are you could have a
great deal of assistance, guidance, and contact resources to offer. We
could even appreciate anyone that has no qualifications, but has a good
idea to share for the Breeder's program. I mean there are levels of what
is acceptably "good enough".
	So, since I can use all the help you care to give, how bout it? Want to
work together? I really see no reason why you can't do exactly what you
intended to do in the first place, but perhaps I am not seeing the whole
	However, if you insist on it, I can also bow out gracefully. My name
being the director of the Breeders club does give me a sense of pride,
and I do want to help NFC as I can, but I certainly feel that if you
need this then so be it.
	You call the shot, Dwight, cause I'd much rather work with you than
against you. And we all know how internal politics can affect an
organization. I really don't care to play that game, no one wins. Let's
do what is right for NFC and the vision of what it can be when 10,000
members are a reality and the real tasks of influencing actual political
legislative situations are upon us. Compromise is the name of that game,
and give some to get some is the rule.
	You may remember my apparent involvement on this list, and in NFC, has
been short. I started being directly involved only a few weeks ago, and
then only as a response to a passing question by Robert that generated a
strong response to my reply about the availability of that little shiner
we all want to get. I began looking for help about equipment and then
from members concerning clarification of legal status. You were among
the respondents on some of those threads. My goal of developing this
little shiner into a source of revenue has not changed, but the end
result of what that revenue is used for has. I'd like to see the
Breeders program develop a market for the native fish that helps pay for
their protection in the wild. Otherwise, why NFC to begin with? And
certainly why would I care to be in it? I got treated like "Chicken
Little"! Sort of you do the work, and we'll eat well because of it this
	I can certainly say that in the future, if this organization is to
mature, it would be wise not to treat new members as if they were on
their own as to the regs of their state. Other organizations I have
affiliation with have a "new member assistance" group of volunteers. New
members are a pain for any organization, and more so as the pace of
enrollment increases, so best get this settled while there is time. I
address this because in my original question to Robert on the thread of
a Breeders program "coordinator", part of why I asked had to do with
assisting members with the state bureaucracy when that would be helpful
for a members Breeders Club project. I see the Breeders Club as a part
of NFC that has room for any member that has a spare tank, and not just
for the rich and famous. However, since I am new to this, I could be
persuaded otherwise.
	Anyway, its late, and I've poped off quite enough for this day, so have
a good weekend all.



Dwight Moody wrote:
> Robert:
> Perhaps I would be the best person at this point to run the Breeder's
> Club, in addition to my duties as Secretary/Treasurer. As you may recall
> from our numerous conversations about this, the Breeders Program needs
> to be structured and run in a way that will ensure that it is run in a
> professional manner and in compliance with applicable IRS regulations.
> My affiliations with other tropical fish clubs and breeder
> organizations, coupled with my official NFC duties and own experience as
> a fish breeder, put me in a unique situation that I believe can help the
> NFC get an effective, IRS compatible program up and running in short
> order.  Just let me know.
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> >Herb and all,
> >
> >No not yet I have put the word out but have no takers yet ...SO LETS
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >On Fri, 22 May 1998 14:44:46 -0500 Herb Harris <top_side at geocities_com>
> >writes:
> >>Hi all,
> >>
> >>      Just wondering if there is a NFC Breeders Club Coordinator?
> >>I'm just
> >>thinking it would be a real advantage to all of us if there were
> >>someone
> >>to keep track of and register members projects, the fish species and
> >>numbers. In addition, perhaps this NFC "official" could speak on
> >>behalf
> >>of NFC to help with any legal questions that might arise - such as
> >>writing letters to state officials explaining the NFC Breeders Club
> >>objectives concerning a member's project when that would be helpful.
> >>
> >>Herb
> >>
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