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Re: Aquaculture information

Hi Larry,

	I for one did a bit of research a while back looking for information on
the subject of an aquaculture setup for ornamental fish. I found several
sites already available, plus email lists that I have been subscribed to
for a while now.
	In general the main stumbling block for me has been clarification of
state and fed regs. In the state I'm in, Arkansas, the University of
Arkansas at Pine Bluff is the only webserver in the state that will
provide any sort of information from a websearch on "aquaculture".
However, the UAPB has no sanctioning function for permits and such, so
eventually the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission must be contacted to
get anywhere, of course their terminology is entirely different, so
confusion arises from no real liaison between agencies that are trying
to assist entrepreneurs with start up information and the people that
will determine whether or not the permits can be obtained to in fact
start such a business.
	A clear cut, no run around set of guidelines for each state would be
very helpful. A contact facilitator for each state agency would also
make the work of research a good deal easier.
	Of course, reaching the people that truly need the information may be
tough, since most really disadvantaged "entrepreneurs" would need the
wherewithal to get on the web in the first place. But that's a dif