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Re: Re: collecting exotics for resale

The bigger fish would make an excellent donation to your local zoo to be
served as dinner for fish eating species of animals.  I think that it would
be a shameless waste of life to just throw them on shore and leave them
     ...says the "Phishhed"

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Date: Saturday, May 23, 1998 8:24 PM
Subject: Re: Re: collecting exotics for resale

> UH,
> My initial reaction to RRs suggestion to "chuck the big ones to the shore"
>was NO WAY.   I don't even kill bugs.  :)
>However, concidering the purpose to which this project and NFC is commited,
>perhaps it is best.     OK    I agree
>Edible you say?  hhhmmmmm   perhaps next weekend I
>eat fish.   : p     As for the legallities involved, I can't see
>any responce other than 3 cheers from the state for doing what they have no
>recources to do, there is nothing in the regulations I've seen to hamper
>effort. But I'll make a few calls. Ok  4 inches or less and eat the big
>ones...  :)
>In the meantime, I'll be looking into inexpensive outdoor holding tank