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LuvHarvey <LuvHarvey at aol_com>: Re: Free fish to SERIOUS BREEDERS !!!!!!!!!

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Subject: Re: Free fish to SERIOUS BREEDERS !!!!!!!!!
Date: Fri, 22 May 1998 01:12:32 EDT
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I am moderately experienced with keeping a variety of tropical fish.
Currently I have a 29 gal Cichlid tank, 2- 20 gal tropical tanks,  1-15
goldfish tank, 1 - 10 Gourami tank, 9 - 5.5 gal Betta splendens tanks
plus a
variety of jars (for small bettas).  Currently I am breeding Betta
I have kept tropicals for the last 3 years.  And, I can maintain tanks
well at this point.  I would rate myself as a beginning breeder.  I have
successfully reared Betta fry.  I would be able to dedicate one 29 gal
possibly several 10 gals to the rearing of native fishes.  Thanks for
responding to my post.  

Mary Tripp

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