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Re: collecting exotics for resale

Hi Daryl, Robert,

	Thanks for the offer Daryl!
	Could you let us know what exotics are available for you to collect
there, and in what numbers? Any seasonal variations?
	I ask because this might also be one way developed as an introductory
promotion, as well as make money from direct sales of the exotics. As
the Breeders program develops a "pool" of natives available for sale,
I'm sure some of our members that already have good contacts for sales
of fish might offer wild caught exotics might as well. Seems to me this
would be a good way to introduce the idea of keeping native NA fish to a
wider segment of aquarist, as well as what seems to be an obvious
benefit of helping to reduce the exotics impact on the habitat of NA
	May just be that other folks involved in the green movement might be
inspired to "save a native" by making a home for a well known exotic
from your area, while letting them know that there are folks also
enjoying the beauty and habits of NA native fish at home as well. After
all, some of the natives are easier to maintain than some of the exotics
that you may be able to collect! Also, they have the added benefit of
being good community companions so that they could be offered in a "two
for one" sale of sorts. If we are able to tie in the adaptability and
suitability of the natives to other well known exotics, seems it would
be a win-win situation.


robert a rice wrote:
> Darryl,
> You with a few of your friends could raise hundreds or thousands of
> dollars for the NFC by simply doing what you allready doing except keep
> the nasty beasts and we will sell them to aquarist up north. You may also
> find this a reasonable way to support your hobby with the sales of
> exotics. Wild Caught cichlids has a big draw for many folks. Lets move
> forward on this excellent program !!!!!
> RR
> On Sat, 23 May 1998 11:09:00 EDT Phylesis <Phylesis at aol_com> writes:
> >
> >                Hi Robert, Herb, and all,
> >       I am not in a position finantially or expierianced enough
> >       for the Breeder program, but relative to the snippit about
> >       collecting exotics for the NFC to resell, perhaps I can be
> >       of help. I live in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. where our canals and
> >       drianages are filled with exotics. I would be happy to
> >       participate in a program to help reduce thier population
> >       and as well help out the NFC. Please let me know if and what I
> >can do.
> >Thanks
> >                                                                                       Daryl
> >
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