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Herb and All,

As you probably saw I donated some fish to get the breeders club up and
running. I am willing to box,send and supply fish all at no charge to the
NFC or any individuals. Heres what i need from the breeders club a simple
list Mary Smith gets a colony of XYZ....I'll mail it and move on. So Herb
and co can organize the who gets what any way they see fit. So Folks send
you I'll take XYZ to Herb :) All I ask is that all particpants agree to
follow the breeders club rules as they develop. For instance a state
agency may very well say that all offspring must be destroyed. You must
be willing to destroy them . Keep that life history , keep yor notes but
follow the law. NFC in such a case gets nothing but a life history. Thats
OK. Most the times they wont take such a dratic tone but if they do e
must be willing to follow it. Herb I'll hook up with you this next week
and we will make a breeders club "bylaws of sorts" a functional way to
run things and still achieve our goals !!

BTW add orange spot sunfish to my lisf stuff I'll donate to the NFC
breeders club......................

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