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Hi Robert, all,

	Looking forward to being of service to NFC! For now I have a tentative
list of people that have expressed interest here on the list in the last
few days, and I look forward to hearing from all of you. Please let me
know the pertinent info about the species you plan to register in the
program. I'm setting up a database for this, and if anyone has any
suggestions, please fell free to contact me directly.


robert a rice wrote:
> Hello Herb and all,
> Herb feel free to appoint volunteers as you see fit to run the breeders
> club. I'll talk with you via phone during the next week to touch base.
> The Breeders club must do the following.
> 1. adhere to all fed and state laws.
> 2. produce income for the NFC by selling offspring to interested parties
> 3. Add correct information to the NFC database
> 4. Be a pleasant and fun place for the conservation minded aquarist to
> further their hobby.
> Just for the record My managment style is a hands off one. I will be glad
> to assist in any way when ask but for the most part I think you or any
> other volunteer should be given latitude to do their chosen task in a
> manner they enjoy. The breeders club like most of the local activities
> and special committees should be stand alone and have a single
> represenitive report to the BOT and the President when asked. I'll talk
> to you later about the specifics of shipping money and what not. So if
> you have questions or concerns please ask.
> Also dont be afraid to recruit members from the deep south to remove non
> native species and donate them to the club for resale up
> north............

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