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Hello Herb and all,

Herb feel free to appoint volunteers as you see fit to run the breeders
club. I'll talk with you via phone during the next week to touch base.
The Breeders club must do the following.

1. adhere to all fed and state laws.

2. produce income for the NFC by selling offspring to interested parties

3. Add correct information to the NFC database

4. Be a pleasant and fun place for the conservation minded aquarist to
further their hobby.

Just for the record My managment style is a hands off one. I will be glad
to assist in any way when ask but for the most part I think you or any
other volunteer should be given latitude to do their chosen task in a
manner they enjoy. The breeders club like most of the local activities
and special committees should be stand alone and have a single
represenitive report to the BOT and the President when asked. I'll talk
to you later about the specifics of shipping money and what not. So if
you have questions or concerns please ask.

Also dont be afraid to recruit members from the deep south to remove non
native species and donate them to the club for resale up

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