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Re: Conservation: Home aquarists and public aquariums

A quick explanation of Mr. Snodgrass's (Sorry if I've mispelled it, post
is no longer in front of me.) post:  Aftereach of the two posts to this
list, I have reminded him that this list is an inappropriate forum for
commercial scale opperations, that is: Fish farms, commercial size
breeders, public and private aquariums, and so forth.  Hobbyest looking
for information on obtaining a fish are more than welcome to post.  The
Trading Post post that is sent out does occassionaly include commercial
posts, and is an exception to the rule. 
This is not my rule, its been inserted by the Actwin owners.  Yes, I
suppose the trading post shouldn't be allowed ... but, well, its the
trading post, a very occassional post with brief ads, that are
predominantly hobbiests.  Mr. Snodgrass is more than welcome to post on
that, and have his post sent out monthly with it, like everyone else. 
J> L. Wiegert