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Re: Free fish to SERIOUS BREEDERS !!!!!!!!!

Cound me in for either of the shiner species (surprise me. :) Inasmuch as
I'm cutting back on tropicals, have plenty of room in empty tanks for
these guys.  
J> L. Weigert

On Thu, 21 May 1998, robert a rice wrote:

> In order to get the breeders club off to good start I thought I'd donate
> some species. Here is the deal you set aside a single species tank and
> give a serious attempt to breed the species. You document your results 
> and give half the young to the NFC for resale via their silent
> auction....This first batch of stuff will be eligible for bonus gift
> certificates if you are successfull.....
> Species list...1 per person please NFC members only I will typically send
> 10-12 fish to start off a colony
> Hetrandria Formosa
> Ellasoma Evergladi
> Flagfin Shiner
> Sailfin Shiner
> Leptolicania Ommata
> Fundulus Chrysotus
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